Cheesecake by the Slice

Carrot Cake Swirl – $7.95

Delicious carrot cake and our creamy cheesecake make a great combo.

Cherry – $7.95

Sweet Cherries on top of our new york style cheesecake

Mousse Layer Cheesecake – $9.95

Layer of cheesecake and layer of chocolate mousse covered with chocolate ganache and chocolate ganache

New York Style – $6.95

A classic! Rich and creamy on our buttery graham cracker crust.

Slutty Brownie Cheesecake – $7.95

layers of chocolate chip cookie dough, brownie, and oreo cookie

Strawberry – $7.95

Fresh Strawberries and sauce on top of our classic cheesecake.

Triple Brownie Mousse – $9.95

Oreo cookie crust layered with brownie, new york cheesecake, whipped chocolate mousse, and turtle topping with nuts


Apple Crumb Pie – $6.95

fresh baked apples topped with cinnamon crumb topping

Blueberry Crumb Pie – $6.95

fresh blueberries with cinnamon crumb topping

Bread Pudding with Salted Caramel – $6.95

Creamy custard with apples & cinnamon served warm with homemade caramel

Carrot Cake – $6.95

with our Cream Cheese frosting topped with cinnamon and chopped toasted walnuts

Chocolate Cream Pie – $5.95

Fresh chocolate cream and whipped cream

Chocolate Crumb Blackout Cake – $6.95

Moist chocolate layer cake with a rich chocolate pudding filling

Chocolate Mousse Cake – $6.95

creamy chocolate mousse and moist chocolate layer cake

Coconut Buttercream Layer Cake – $6.95

Layers of moist white cake with coconut cream and topped with shredded coconut

Devils Food Cake with Peanut Butter Buttercream – $6.95

moist devils food cake with a layer of peanut butter buttercream

Hostess Cupcake Layer Cake – $6.95

Chocolate layer cake with whipped frosting and chocolate ganache

Reeses Peanut Butter Chocolate Pie – $6.95

whipped peanut butter mousse and chocolate on a chocolate cookie crust